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Plasmid Production Services

  • Receive >90% supercoiled DNA with low endotoxicity
  • Production from 5 milligrams up to multiple grams of plasmid-DNA that meet your specific needs
  • Select Research Grade, Preclinical Grade, or develop a custom grade to meet your unique specifications
  • Preclinical grade quality with less cost than kit.

  • Advantages of Plasmid Production

    No Organics: Our process does not use potentially dangerous organic solvents.
    No Ion-pair Agents: We do not use ion-pair agents, which can interfere with plasmid-DNA complexes.
    No Enzymes: Our process does not use any enzymes, which can cause problems with formulations and add to the cost when it is time to scale-up.
    Scalable Process: Our proprietary process has been designed to be scalable.
    Transferable Process: This process is not patented and can be transferred to a large scale cGMP production facility when necessary.

    Summary of our Process

  • Growth in shaker flasks
  • Proprietary lysis & clarification
  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Anion Exchange Chromatography
  • HIC Chromatography (used for Pre-Clinical grade material)
  • Final TFF into DI water
  • Sterile filtration

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